Nonlinear Thompson Scattering

Principal Researchers:
Yue Ying Lau, Fei He

Research is underway regarding the calculation of nonlinear Thomson scattering, i.e. the scattering of a very intense light laser light by electrons. We have been able to solve the electron’s trajectory exactly, paying special attention to the phase and the laser pulse shape. The electron orbits are being used to calculate the radiation spectrum. Comparison with experimental data will be performed. The spectrum will look different if the detection angle changes.

Appendix B of Fei He’s Thesis – Thomson Scattering Calculation Application

Appendix E of Fei He’s Thesis – Matlab m-file and the corresponding figure file

Figure 1: Geometry for the calculation. The electron is accelerated by a step laser pulse which is assumed to be infinitely long.

Figure 2: 3rd harmonic radiation pattern (a=0.4)

Figure 3: 5th harmonic radiation pattern (a=0.4)