Past Graduates

Where can you go with experience in plasmas, pulsed power, and microwaves?

Some of our recent graduates, and their current (or last known) positions:

Name Thesis Year Employer Graduate Advisor(s)
Paul Campbell Stability and Power Coupling in Dynamic Screw Pinch Plasmas 2020 Lawrence Livermore National Lab R.D. McBride
Foivos Antoulinakis A Study of some Contemporary Issues in Electron Devices: Electrical Contact, Heating and Amplifier Stability 2020 Los Alamos National Lab Y.Y. Lau
Steven Exelby Recirculating Planar Crossed-Field Amplifiers 2019 Air Force Research Lab R.M. Gilgenbach
Patrick Wong A Contemporary Study in the Theory of Traveling-Wave Tubes 2018 Michigan State University Y.Y. Lau
David Yager-Elorriaga Helical Instabilities in Magnetized Cylindrical Liner-Plasmas 2017 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Geoffrey Greening Multi-Frequency Recirculating Planar Magnetrons 2017 CPI Industries R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Adam Steiner The Electrothermal Instability on Pulsed Power Ablations of Thin Foils 2016 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
David Simon Equilibrium and Stability of the Brillouin Flow in Recirculating Planar Magnetron 2016 Air Force Research Lab Y.Y. Lau
Sonal Patel Optical Spectroscopy and Magnetic Field Profile Measurements on the Self Magnetic Pinch Diode 2016 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
Matthew Weis Magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor Instability: theory and simulation in planar and cylindrical pulsed power targets 2015 Sandia National Labs Y.Y. Lau
Matthew Franzi Relativistic Recirculating Planar Magnetrons 2014 Air Force Research Lab R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Ian Rittersdorf Effects of Random Manufacturing Errors on the Performance of Contemporary Coherent Radiation Sources 2013 Naval Research Lab Y.Y. Lau
Peng Zhang Effects of Surface Roughness on Electrical Contact, RF Heating and Field Enhancement 2012 Michigan State University Y.Y. Lau
Edward Cruz Peer-to-Peer Magnetron Locking 2011 FM Technologies R.M. Gilgenbach
Jacob Zier Ablation Dynamics and Instabilities of Metallic Plasmas Generated Using Mega-Ampere-Scale Current Drivers 2010 Naval Research Lab R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
David French Investigations of Novel Configurations for High Power Microwave Generation 2010 Lam Research R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Matthew R. Gomez Experimental Examination of Plasma Formation and Current Loss in Post-Hole Convolutes 2010 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
Brad Hoff Magnetic Priming of a Relativistic Magnetron 2009 Air Force Research Lab R.M. Gilgenbach
Wilken Tang Theoretical Analysis of Some Contemporary Issues on Wire-Array Z-Pinch 2009 Air Force Research Lab Y.Y. Lau
Nicholas Jordan Laser Fabrication of High-K Dielectrics for High Current Cathodes 2007 University of Michigan

R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau

Phongphaeth Pengvanich Theory of injection locking and rapid start-up of magnetrons, and effects of manufacturing errors in terahertz traveling wave tubes 2007 Chulalongkorn University Y.Y. Lau
Trevor Strickler Azimuthal Wire Motion and Ablation Dynamics in Z-Pinches 2006 Rice University R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Allen L. Garner Electrical pulse induced biological effects using dielectric spectroscopy and mathematical models 2006 Purdue University Y.Y. Lau
William White RF Priming of a Long-Pulse Relativistic Magnetron 2005 Verus Technology R.M. Gilgenbach
Yoshiteru Hidaka Experimental and Simulational Studies of the University of Michigan Large ECR Source as an Electron Propulsion Neutralizer 2005 Brookhaven National Lab R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
David Jordan Ultrawideband Electrochemotherapy 2005 Case Western Reserve University R.M. Gilgenbach
Michael Jones Cathode Priming of Relativistic Magnetrons 2005 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
V. Bogdan Neculaes Magnetron magnetic Priming for Rapid Startup and Noise Reduction 2005 General Electric Lighting R.M. Gilgenbach
Anthony R. Valenzuela Relativistic free electrons in an intense laser field: Experimental observations of optically-induced deflection of an ultrashort electron beam 2005 Los Alamos National Lab Y.Y. Lau and D. Umstadter
Richard D. Kowalczyk A klystron study: Intermodulation suppression and beam loading of cavities 2005 L-3 Communications Electron Devices Y.Y. Lau
Mark Johnston Ionization Dynamics of a Single Wire Z-Pinch 2004 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
Fei He Interactions of free electrons with an ultra intense laser 2004   Y.Y. Lau and D. Umstadter
Herman Bosman Investigation of failure mechanisms in high-power microwave transmission windows 2004 S. African Atomic Y.Y. Lau
Michael Lopez Experiments on a Relativistic Magnetron Driven by a Microsecond Electron Beam Accelerator with a Ceramic Insulating Stack 2003 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
Bo Qi Ablation Plasma Ion Implantation 2002 Applied Materials Corp. R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Rex Anderson Multipactor experiment on a dielectric surface 2001 General Electric Y.Y. Lau and M.L. Brake
Craig Wilsen Theory of intermodulation in high power microwave amplifiers 2001 L-3 Communications Electron Devices Y.Y. Lau
Christopher Peters Time-Frequency Analysis of High Power Microwave Sources 2000 Drexel University R.M. Gilgenbach and W.J. Williams
William Cohen Optical Spectroscopy and Effects of Plasma in High Power Microwave Gyrotron Experiments 2000 General Electric Lighting R.M. Gilgenbach
Reginald Jaynes Generation of High Power Microwaves in a Large Orbit Coaxial Gyrotron 2000 Raytheon W.D. Getty and R.M. Gilgenbach
August Valfells Multipactor Discharge: Frequency Response, Suppression, and Relation to Window Breakdown 2000 University of Iceland Y.Y. Lau
Scott Kovaleski Dynamics of Electron Beam Ablation 1999 University of Missouri R.M. Gilgenbach
Lay-Kee Ang Laser-Surface Interaction: Energy Absorption and Surface Structures 1999 Singapore University Y.Y. Lau
Joshua Rintamaki Effects of RF plasma Processing on the Impedance and Electron Emission properties of a MV Beam Diode 1998 General Electric Lighting R.M. Gilgenbach
Jonathan Hochman Microwave Emission of Large and Small Orbit Rectangular Gyrotron Devices 1998 Raytheon R.M. Gilgenbach
Rami A. Kishek Interaction of Multipactor Discharge and RF Structures 1997 University of Maryland Y.Y. Lau
Joseph Schumer Optimized 1D-1V Vlasov-Poisson Simulations Using Fourier-Hermite Spectral Discretizations 1997 Naval Research Lab J.P. Holloway
John E. Foster An Investigation of the Influence of a Transverse Magnetic Field on the Formation of Large Anode Fall Voltages in Low-Pressure Arcs 1996 University of Michigan A.D. Gallimore
Joel S. Lash Ionization Dynamics of Laser Ablation and a Laser-Ablation-Assisted-Plasma-Discharge Ion Source 1996 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
John W. Luginsland Design Considerations in a Novel Two-beam Accelerator 1996 Confluent Sciences Y.Y. Lau
Peggy J. Christenson Equilibrium, Stability, and Turbulence in Cycloidal Electron Flows in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields 1996 Sandia National Labs Y.Y. Lau
Youfan Liu An Analysis of Emission Characteristics and Intrinsic Beam Quality of Field Emitter 1995 Dow Corning Y.Y. Lau
Peter R. Menge Experimental excitation and reduction of the beam breakup instability in long-pulse electron beam transport 1993 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach and Y.Y. Lau
Patricia Lopez Microwave Reflectometry: Observing Density Layer Motion in the Microwave Tokamak Experiment 1993   M.L. Brake and R.M. Gilgenbach
Thomas Spencer High Current, Long-Pulse Gyrotron-Backward-Wave Oscillator Experiments 1991 Department of Defense R.M. Gilgenbach
Peter L.G. Ventzek The Hydrodynamics of Excimer Laser Ablation Processing of Materials in Vacuum and Gases 1991   R.M. Gilgenbach
Steven W. Bidwell Interaction of Long Pulse Electron Beams with Gases and Flames 1989   R.M. Gilgenbach
Joel D. Miller Transport of Long-Pulse Relativistic Electron Beams in Preformed Plasma Channels in the Ion Focus Regime 1989   R.M. Gilgenbach
David Whaley Multiply-Charged Ion Emission from a Cyclotron-Resonance-Heated Plasma Ion Source 1989 L-3 Communications W. Getty and R.M. Gilgenbach
Michael Cuneo Characterization of the Time-Evolution of a Microsecond Electron Beam Diode with Anode Effects 1989 Sandia National Labs R.M. Gilgenbach
Robert F. Lucey Long-Pulse Relativistic Electron Beam Generation and Propagation in Gases and in UV Laser Ionized Channels 1988   R.M. Gilgenbach
Ronnie Shepherd The Measurement of the Resistivity and Study of the Dynamics of a Cold, Dense Plasma Created in a Capillary Discharge 1987 Lawrence Livermore National Lab R.M. Gilgenbach
John Booske Whistler Mode Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating and Emission in a Magnetic Mirror Plasma 1985 University of Wisconsin R.M. Gilgenbach
Lorne D. Horton Hydrodynamics of Gas Channels Formed by Lasers and Guided Discharges 1985   R.M. Gilgenbach
Paul D. Weber A Study of the 10 cm DuoPIGatron as a Source of Intermediate and High Mass Particle Beams 1984   R.M. Gilgenbach