Galileo GalileiUniversita di Pisa1585
Vincenzo VivianiUniversita di Pisa 1642
Isaac Barrow*Cambridge 1652
Isaac NewtonCambridge1668
Roger CotesCambridge1706
Robert SmithCambridge1715
Walter TaylorCambridge1723
Stephen WhissonCambridge1742
Thomas PostlethwaiteCambridge1756
Thomas JonesCambridge1782
Adam SedgwickCambridge 1811
William HopkinsCambridge 1830
George StokesCambridge 1841
John Strutt (Lord Rayleigh)Cambridge 1868
JJ ThomsonCambridge 1883
John TownsendCambridge 1903
Robert Van de GraffOxford1928
John TrumpMIT1933
Louis SmullinMIT 1939
Abraham BersMIT 1959
Julian BriggsMIT 1964
YY LauMIT 1973

*Pulleyn was his official tutor, whereas Barrow was NOT a formal advisor but probably had the greatest influence on the young Newton
Hermann von HelmholtzMedicinisch-chirurgisches Friedrich-Wilhelm-Institut1842
Gabriel LippmannUniversité Paris-Sorbonne 1875
Marie CurieUniversité Paris-Sorbonne1903
Ladislas Goldstein*Université Paris-Sorbonne 1937
Thomas MarshallUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign1960
Ronald GilgenbachColumbia University1978

*He began working at Marie Curie’s laboratory (the Radium Institute) in 1927 and, when Marie died in 1934, he completed his PhD under her successor